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Free Will is a 2D psychological puzzle RPG suffering from corruption. Playing this game means you accept the responsibility of cleansing Corruption from its system.
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Control Will, a young boy who has been bedridden for most of his life, as he fights against reality-breaking monsters.

Watch as Will tries to understand the depth of his own autonomy.

And play out your role in cleansing the game.

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  • Manipulate the game's file structure through metapuzzles to influence Will's world.
  • Get to know Will--he knows you are there…
  • Cleanse the corruption. For there is no other way forward.
  • Unearth ̸i̶n̵f̷o̴r̶m̸a̷t̵i̴o̵n̸ ̸t̶h̶a̸t̷ ̶̃̕the inhabitants ̵͂̽ô̶͝f̶́ this ̄̈́h̵̐ou̅s̸e might b͑͛ȅ̴͊ ̶̂̾b̸̀̑ĕ̷͕t̷̽ter off not k̴̈́nowing.